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Cottonballs, Muffins and Shoes, OH MY! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 13 October 2009 01:38

Ok, so what's with all the jokes?
We pull no comedy punches at

Many people take riding as seriously as we do. But no riders take comedy like we do. Imagine this: You're on the road together with the same people for hours and hours. Why not make some jokes! Here's where some of our comedy comes from if you're new to riding with us:


Jeff Druce is NOTORIOUS for getting flats on the rides. We call him "Flats." Just on the ALS ride alone he has an award winning FOUR flats in a 60 minute period. Go Jeff!

English Muffins, Cotton Balls and Other Road Goodies:
In addition to flats for whatever reason, Jeff Druce now has an inevitable fear of anything on the road, including cotton balls and bread. If the muffin is toasted, defcon level raises to 1.

The Tree:
Ross has gained the title of "The Tree." If you ride behind him, you'll understand why.

Crash Girl:
Many on our team have fallen to new clip shoes, but no one takes the cake as much as Christine. Nurses from afar have come to the rescue to patch boo boos all the way to the whoo whoo.

Dr. Bean
I have no idea why Rob Blanda was coined this name, but apparently it has "fermented" into another good reason.

The Hamster
Colleen somehow got this name because of her pedaling behavior. There was also a stuffed animal involved. I'm not going to ask what came-to-be in the car on the way to the Cherry Valley V-Route ride. I'll just leave it in the Lexus.

The Peddler Shop
For some reason, people think that we have an adversarial relationship with the Peddlers Shop. SO NOT TRUE! Truth be told, Team Hangover Spends more money there collectively than any other cycling team that we know of! But why not make it a joke while we're at it! (seeing a pattern here?)

"This looks like a good spot"
Two reasons for this one: Gotta Pee? Well, this is a good spot. The other one you'll just have to figure out yourself.

Muffins, Shoes and Cottonballs
For some reason we always see a ton of muffins and shoes on the road on the UA route. Has anyone figured out why? Where is the muffin man? Also, the cotton ball reference is for Jeff. He has to avoid every single thing on the road or he will get a flat, including that cottonball!


Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 11:51