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Team Hangover Nicknames, What's The Story? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert   
Friday, 05 August 2011 14:05

questionAs you all may know, we've come up with several nicknames for the members of our team. Not all of our members actually have them yet (you have to earn them!). Here is the story behind our nicknames:

"Sparkles" - Lori C.
Her bike is completely brilliant with colors and stickers and lights up at night. In addition, she wears these sparkly shirts and clothing. You can't miss Lori on a bike!

"Swoot" - Steven W.
Skinny Steve and Jeff have coined this nickname way before he was into cycling. Can't change what is already working! Welcome to the team!

"The Sail" - Sean H.

Sean is a very tall guy! When you draft off him, it's like having a sail in front of you (coined by Crash)

"Crash" - Christine S.
Self explanitory - Crash never got used to clipless pedals. She forgets to clip-out, so she falls. She's had some pretty serious injuries over the years, so we stay far away. Some of them were truly funny though. Definelty earned her name. (Coined by Bean)

"Knuckles" - Al W.
Like myself, Al rides a low-rider recumbent bike. His knuckles drag the ground if he drops his arm. He has actually been seen moving debris out of the way for other riders (Thanks Knuckles!). (Coined by Rob)

"Flats" - Jeff D.
No one has had worse luck with flat tires than Jeff. He holds the team record for most in one day (four) during the ALS ride in 2009. I've never seen an angry side to him, but that day it definetly came out. As long as Jeff keeps getting flats, we seem to have good luck with ours. Keep up the good work! (coined by Crash)

"Skinny Steve" - Steve S.
Steve is a very skinny little man. But you have to feed him several times during a ride. Where do you put all that food, man? (coined by Rob.)

"The Hamster" - Colleen L.
In your rear view mirror, you can sometimes see Colleen's candence so high, that she resembles a hamster on a wheel. The legs are moving so fast, and the bike seems to be going a little slower. This doesnt happen anymore, but that's how she got her nickname. (Coined by Crash)

"Sissy" - Chris M.
During a Medford/Shamong ride, Crash called Chris "Sissy Chrissy" - Not really sure how this one came to be, but it stuck.

"Roach" - Jim R.
This one is a total mystery to me, but it stuck somehow. I know he's not using any illegal substances, so I'll have to research this one a little further.

"Gadget" - Joe F.

The only Bikepacker I know that would take out an iPad and say that it was weighing him down. I think that was all he was carrying. Complete with solar chargers, iPhones, iChargers, iFires, iBikes, iEverything.


"Howdy Doodie" - Jim W.
According to legend (records do not go back that far), Jim W. looked like Howdie Doodie as a kid, and this has haunted him for a long time. Welcome new member, Jim, aka, Howdie Doodie.


"Blinky" - Pete B.
Pete is an avid taste-tester of Monster drinks. Several of them a day. He drinks so many of them, he simply doesn't blink. Hence the name.


"Donk" - Matt Cafone
Matt looks just like the guy in the second Crocodile Dundee movie. "I don't need a gun, I've got a DONK"... see here :


"The Bean" - Rob B.
Okay, certainly not self proclaimed, but I was given this nickname a while back when we first formed the team. Crash had noted that I looked like "Mr. Bean" when i smiled. Frankly, I don't see it. However, this name is two-fold: I have had some "during the ride" flatulence on occasion, so it meant more than just a Rowan Atkinson look-alike.
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